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Training traders for success.

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Say Hello to the firsthand experience.

At Firsthand Trading Group we believe growth comes from firsthand experiences. We offer technical trading education and opportunities to learn in a group setting. We share training exercises to get traders into the markets without real risk while they learn, and we provide resources and a community to support them along their trading journey.

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Firsthand Trading Group’s

Best Features

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Get ahead of the markets with pre-week market analysis and price targets in our live weekly group calls.

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Join our analysts for a real-time walkthrough of the markets in our live trading and backtesting sessions.

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Enjoy giveaways, 80+ hours of educational content, and an active and supportive trading community.

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Henry and Carson have an amazing grasp of order flow and patience at the same time. No matter your entry model, their vision will take your trading to the next level.

— dhowie

Henry and Carson have built this group from the ground up. No shortcuts were taken, this is exactly the type of people you want to learn from. Trading is very difficult to learn, they help simplify it and come up with a plan. Save yourself a headache and join this group.

— herbnerd

Carson and Henry are some of the best mentors of trading I have ever come to know. These guys not only have a passion for trading, but a passion for teaching others the right ways to become financially free. Give these guys a chance to change your life!

— jonnyict

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A little

about Firsthand Trading Group

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Since January of 2023, we've been calling the markets every week, in advance, for the Firsthand Trading Group. We believe in the impact of firsthand experience in the markets, and we're excited to extend our success to a broader audience and train more traders for success. Through weekly group calls, midweek review videos, live trading streams, backtesting sessions, handcrafted training exercises, and personalized trade feedback, Firsthand Trading Group members have seen transformations in their trading and psychology.


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